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with accusative


  1. within; inside.

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Intra is the third album by Avant-garde metal band Ram-Zet released on September 6, 2005 in the US by Tabu Records. It was produced by the bands founder, vocalist, and guitarist, Zet and co-produced by Ram-Zet and Daniel Bergstrand, who also mixed the album. The band recorded at their personal studio in Norway, Space Valley Studios.

Track List

  1. Final Thrill - 5:26
  2. Left Behind as Pieces - 4:51
  3. Enchanted - 7:05
  4. Ballet - 6:42
  5. "Peace" - 2:06
  6. And Innocence - 5:31
  7. Born - 6:05
  8. Lullaby for the Dying - 6:36
  9. Closing a Memory - 9:13


All music written by Zet All lyrics written by Sfinx and Zet All songs arranged by Zet and Ram-Zet Recorded at Space Valley Studios Produced by Zet Co-produced by Ram-Zet and Daniel Bergstrand Mixed by Daniel Bergstrand at DUG-OUT productions Mastered by Peter In de Betou at Tailor Maid Band photos by Toril Cecilie Skaaraas and Raymond Alv Kristiansen Egge Artwork by Terjie Johnsen
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